John Coltrin – Owner – Coltrin Construction

My Background:

     My background started with my education.  I graduated from California State Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, CA, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with emphasis on computer science. After graduation, I was hired by Lockeed Aircraft as a scientific computer programmer.  The group that I was working for was developing one of the first CADD (computer aided design drafting) programs for use in the development of aircraft parts.  I worked with other programmers and structural engineers in the development of this program, which helped Lockheed to be leader in aircraft design.  That same basic program, which has now been developed by many companies, is now the standard of the industry for drafting for contracting firms and architects.    

     After three years of work with Lockheed, I decided to move on to more hands on type of work and ended up working construction with a building contractor.  As I worked and gained experience, I kept my hand in computer programming and developed my own program for construction job costing to be used on the first primitive computers sold to the public.  In time, I applied for my own California General Contractors License and after I earned the license, started building custom homes.  As soon as CADD programming was available for the public, I started designing custom homes all by using CADD programming. 

     After over 20 years of building in California, I decided to move to a warmer climate and in 2008 received my General Contractors License in Arizona. Immediately, I could see a demand for RV garages, but they required skill and expertise to cut into an existing building.  I could see that most builders in Lake Havasu City could build spec houses, but knew little of major structural modifications to existing residences. 

     Now, for the last seven years, I have specialized in designing and building RV garage projects.  My background started with CADD and has carried out through the years.  Today, I offer CADD design work for all of my projects.            John Coltrin


My services include:
1.   RV Garage design work
             2.  In House CADD drafting service
                                   3.   Structural Engineering required for the city
                                       4.  Application and completion of building permit
                                             5.   Complete building services for your new garage.

Coltrin Construction

phone:    928-706-7029

E-Mail:    coltrinconstruction@yahoo.com

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